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Suddenly there is an alarming increase in the number of Ayurveda experts on social media. These days anyone and everyone has an opinion for health and are coming up with various home remedies based on various write-up found in the internet or some random books. One needs to realize that

Ayurveda has set of fundamentals and theorems in its applications. Only if anything is used based on these principles a medicine will act and show its effect as per Ayurveda. Anything other than this is just not Ayurveda.

Food is certainly a medicine in Ayurveda doesn't mean any modern day fad food or any modern day superfood will become a medicine to you as an individual.

Everything which enters the human body will show is effect in the body it can be beneficial or harmful based on each and every individuals health/ body even if it is water. So Amla, Aloe-Vera juice you taking daily, the herbal decoction of various spices and herbs like Tulsi you are taking daily based on what you heard from a popular social media channel or some popular actor can be very harmful for you. It may not show the effect immediately but will show eventually and you will not realize what caused it. This is issued in public interest. For any health related advice always consult a registered Ayurveda physician.

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