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The human Mind

Did you know our mind focuses on only one task at a time, it just does it so fast that it looks like we are multitasking.

अणुत्वमथ चैकत्वं द्वौ गुणौ मनसः स्मृतौ

Aṇutvamath chhaikatvan dvau guṇau manasah smṛutau

Our mind needs to focus on one particular task at a time to bear the most benefits of it.

Ayurveda suggests to focus on one particular task which one is doing, like when attending nature's call - avoid checking your phone/ read newspaper etc. While eating your meal focus on the food you eat enjoy/savour it's taste for better digestion - avoid watching TV, fiddling on the phone or even talking too much.

This is also one of reasons why Ayurveda recommends to exercise on empty stomach. Where the mind can focus only on exercising and not divert itself for digestion.

For something to be considered as a vyayama the person has to dedicate himself to vyayama alone; the heavy work done by labourers or house chores done are not considered as vyayama.

A focused mind helps achieve better results, be it digestion, excretion or vyayama

So next time FOCUS!

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