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Ayurveda Advocates..

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Bhagwaan Dhanwanthari

Health care is your responsibility and it should not be surrendered to medicine or any medicine man. Each day should be started with an analysis if one's health status and end with an appraisal of how it faired that day.

Between these two introspection, a day is to be lived healthily. Healthy living is a process so that should link the individual with the society and the larger Universe, as Ayurveda believes an individual's health is a reflection of the mental and physical status and his harmonious existence with the nature.

Knowledge about the body, mind and the self, guidance to be a healthy social being and to be aware of how the nature behaves are all illustrated in Ayurveda, which is applicable and to live it healthy.

Inspired by writings from AVP dairy

Dr. Shrinidh Nair

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