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One of the most beloved food for most of the people in the world.

Here are some information about curd which you may not have known

According to Ayurveda

Curd has:

Taste- Amla(Sour)

Vipaka(taste after digestion)- Sour

Virya(potency)- hot


1. Grahi- binder (helps to bind faeces)- absorbs water

2.Rochaka- appetizer

3.Dipana-digestive stimulant

4.Vrushyam- aphrodisiac

5. Guru - heavy to digest

6. Increases Shukra, kapha, pitta, agni.

7. Causes Sopha (inflammation/oedema)


1. Having curd at night

2. Heating of curd.

3. Should be avoided during vasanta (spring), grishma (summer), sharad (autumn) seasons.

It should not be taken daily, and also when it's not fully formed.

Ayurveda advices curd should be taken only after mixing it with Mudga yusha (green gram soup), Honey, Sugar, Ghee or Amla (gooseberry)

One of the biggest myth regarding curd is that it is considered cooling in nature, in fact ayurveda considers the opposite. Curd is generally the first food item an ayurveda physician restricts when one gets sick as it has a tendency to cause hypersecretions (abhishyandi) in the body, blocks the srotas and can cause inflammation.

It should not be taken daily, and also when curd is not fully formed.

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