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7 secrets of healthy living

Our health does not depend on any medicine or herb. So there is no one particular wonder medicine or a combination of medicine which will keep you healthy always.

Health is a very subjective topic, it varies from person to person. As i have already explained how health is defined as per ayurveda, let us now learn how to maintain this health.

These are some fundamentals and Ayurveda life hacks which one can apply to your living to stay healthy.

1. Eat only when you feel hungry

Hunger is a sign of good health. One must not indulge in over eating; if eaten more than required one must wait till you feel hungry again.

2. One should eat food which is fresh, warm, light to digest and unctuous in nature. If one follows this, their appetite remains active.

3. Water

There is a popular myth that a healthy person should drink a certain (around 2.5-3litres) of water everyday. Ayurveda doesn't advocate anything like that. Ayurveda says one needs to drink only when one feels thirsty.

4. Ayurveda says one should have a habit of drinking water which has been boiled and cooled. Even if the water is filtered or RO purified, it's always recommended drink water after boiling as it assists easy digestion.

5. Vyayama

Make it a routine to exercise daily, one should exercise daily up to half their strength.

6. Natural urges

One should not supress or induce your natural urges such as urge for urination, defecation, flatulence, thirst, hunger etc. (there are total 13 urges mentioned in the ayurveda classics).

7. Sleep

If a person gets sleep on time, if their sleep is devoid of any kind of dreams/nightmares and they get up feeling fresh on waking up; then the person is healthy. Ayurveda has not given a fixed number of hours to sleep.

The above are just few tips which should be followed, especially by a healthy person. There are also rules like Dinacharya and Ritucharya which has been mentioned in Ayurveda, but has to be considered only after keeping these 7 rules. If the person has any complains/disease they should consult their nearby registered ayurveda practitioner and not harm themselves with self medications and illogical home remedies.

Dr. Shrinidh Nair

BAMS, MD (Ayu)

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