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4 Types of Yoga

With continuation to the previous post regarding yoga according to personality viz Artha, Jignasu, Artharthi and Jnaani

Yoga explains four types of yoga margas

1. Bhakti yoga 2. Jnana yoga 3. Raja yoga 4. Karma yoga

These four paths of yoga can be followed by the four personalities respectively, to overcome their flaws.

Arta - prone to distresses, depression, crying spells & fear. For such a person, Bhakti yoga helps in strengthening positive emotions. The attitude of surrender also helps overcome one's fears.

Jignasu - never satisfied with mediocrity or half knowledge; always anxious. The path of Jnana yoga not only quenches their thirst for knowledge, but also answers their queries about life & death, right & wrong etc.

Artharthi - usually mentally & physically exhausted from being so driven & focused, tend to be selfish. Raja yoga helps them to channel their will power in the right direction & helps to have a meaningful discipline in life by practicing Ashtanga yoga

Jnaani - knowledge may usher in ego, increased expectations & also rigidity. Karma yoga teaches such a person to let go of his ego & lower his expectations by detaching oneself from the fruits of actions.

P.S. : The following excerpt is the author's interpretation and can differ according to a person's understanding of the Bhagwat Gita

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