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About us

AyurNidhi Ayurveda and Yoga Clinic is a one of a kind clinic, that deals with the problem to cure its root cause.

AyurNidhi Ayurveda and Yoga Clinic was established in 2018 by Dr. Shrinidh Nair (BAMS, MD Ayurveda), with an aim to provide authentic Ayurveda treatments; with special consideration to diet (pathya) and scientific ayurvedic treatments, as required.

Dr. Shrinidh Nair has a work experience of more than 7 years under the guidance of various renowned doctors/vaidyas, both in Kerala and various parts of India and abroad.


Our holistic approach to treat diseases with the incorporation of yoga, under the guidance of Dr. Deepa Nair (BAMS, MD-YOGA), gives positive results to all diseased conditions and one feels better every time.


Dr. Deepa Nair (MD-Yoga) has completed her post-graduation in yoga from a renowned college of yoga (SVYASA-Bangalore, India). She specializes in therapeutic yoga (Personalized yoga modules for specific diseases). She has also assisted in various research projects pertaining to yoga.


With AyurNidhi Clinic, we aim to provide the "Nidhi" (treasure) to each and everyone.



Ayurveda is a medical science that emphasizes not just symptomatic relief, but on identifying the cause of your disorder, isolating it, and making your body capable enough to fight the disorder with minimum drugs and wholesome diet and lifestyle modifications. This is what we have to offer you. Not home remedies or some Hokum. Proper scientific intervention under the guidance of Ayurvedic medical professionals.



Yoga is that which mitigates all sorrows. Yoga is not merely the practice of asanas, but a conglomeration of optimum diet, activities, work and sleep. The understanding of yoga transcends the physical to ensure our mental, emotional and social well being. Each one of us is capable of attaining peace and balance in our daily lives by following the four paths of yoga according to Bhagavat Gita. These paths allow us to let go the extremes in our lives and come to a middle ground, thereby practicing true yoga



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Dr. Shrinidh Nair


Dr. Deepa Nair


Sharmada ttm

After two years of treatment for my ailment in allopathy bore no results, I decided to try Ayurveda . I consulted Dr. Shrinidh Nair of Ayurnidhi clinic . Under his guidance medication along with diet restrictions worked really well for me. Even for fever with severe body pains he helped me get cure with no medicines apart from medicated water and light diets as prescribed in Ayurveda. I am more than a happy beneficiary of Ayurveda through Ayurnidhi .Thank You and Namaste

Ganesh, Prakas

Dr. Shrinidh is a great listener. He alleviates half of our concern just by listening. He is very prudent when it comes to prescribing medicines. In most of the cases that we consulted with him, he has always prescribed as little medication as possible and suggested natural remedies and dietary changes which have provided long lasting results.

My mother had a thyroid condition for which she has been under allopathic medication for nearly 10 years which made her put on weight and also left her feeling tried for most part of the day. Dr. Shrinidh, suggested her to go with some lifestyle and dietary changes for 4-5 weeks and she started feeling very energized. Now my mother's Thyroid functioning is very normal. She is not under medication anymore and this is something I cannot believe to date :)

Srija, bhusari

Happy to have come across Ayurnidhi clinic & Dr Shrinidh, he is extremely knowledgeable & approachable. Most importantly he makes you feel comfortable and assured. All advices given by doctor have been very valuable and life changing, easy to adopt with options based on our lifestyle. Would definitely recommend Dr Shrinidh specially if you are someone looking to better your health and consider lifestyle changes over medicines.

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+91 9809823591, +918275066143


Our Branches:
Kerala - Cheerumbakavu junction, Para, Elapully

                 Palakkad - 678622, Kerala, India.

 Goa -      49/B-2, Near 13 Studio Salon, Alto-Dabolim,

                 Goa- 403801, India

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