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First step to be healthy is to have a desire to live longer -Ayushkaamiyam

The first chapter in the ayurvedic text of Ashtanga Hridaya, sutrasthana is called as Aayushkaamiya Adhyaya which means desirous of life. Acharya Vagbhatta has aptly chosen the name of the chapter, one must have the desire to live longer only then one wisely chooses the do's and don'ts to lead a healthy life which Ayurveda advices.

One must understand that health is not merely absence of a disease Health is defined as a normal state of all physiological activities and a pleasant state of the sense organs, mind and the self.

Samadosha, samagnischa

samadhatumala kriyaha

prasanna atmenindriya manaha

swasthya ityabhidheeyate”

The indicators of health are: 1. Proper appetite 2. Proper digestion 3. Proper elimination of feces 4. Proper elimination of urine 5. Proper elimination of wind/flatus 6. Lightness of body 7. Clarity of senses 8. Proper sleep 9. Proper waking 10. Proper strength 11. Proper complexion 12. Healthy longevity 13. Pleasant state of mind 14. Balanced state of Agni/ the digestive process

P.S. - Please contact a registered Ayurveda practitioner for a better understanding of your body. Do not take any kind of herb or any Ayurveda medicine without consultation/guidance.


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